Update on Cake Pay’s provider’s requirement of collecting App ID

NOTE: if you don't use Cake Pay, this doesn't impact you AT ALL. This DOES NOT apply to using the non-custodial wallets in Cake Wallet or the Monero.com Wallet for sending, receiving, storing, or exchanging your crypto.

Hey Cake Pay users,

Our provider has sadly informed us that to continue to provide the Cake Pay service, they will need to start collecting an App ID along with an email.

Specifically, this is the AndroidId from Android devices and the IdentifierForVendor for iOS devices.

If you currently use Cake Pay, this information is NOT sent to Cake Pay. Only your email is sent. After we release the next version of Cake Wallet and Monero.com, this information will be sent each time you purchase a gift card only. It will NOT be shared when otherwise interacting with Cake Pay, such as logging in to see the list of available merchants and active cards. After this new release is out, the current Cake Wallet version 4.4.5 will stop working with Cake Pay to buy new cards. You can verify these changes in the Cake Wallet FOSS code.

Cake Wallet 4.4.6 is not yet released, though it should be out in 1-2 weeks.

Why are we forced to make this change?

Unfortunately, our provider needs to impose some restrictions to prevent users from creating an infinite amount of accounts with the intent to circumvent limits. Cake Pay limits users to $10,000 per day and $2,000 per card, and our provider needs some checks in place to ensure users don't try to bypass this limit. They are asking for this App ID as a required check going forward.

What if I use multiple emails?

You are still allowed to create multiple Cake Pay accounts with different email addresses, but your purchases will be associated with a single App ID.

How does this compare to other providers?

Most other providers collect this information silently as listed in their privacy policies. Here are three common examples:


Online Identifiers: Geo location/tracking details, browser fingerprint, OS, browser name and version, and/or personal IP addresses.


Technical Data, (e.g. your IP, geolocation and browser fingerprint);


Online Identifiers: Geo location/tracking details, device identifiers, browser fingerprint, OS, browser name and version, and/or IP addresses used to access our Services.

What about other countries?

Cake Pay is going to expand to other countries, starting with Canada and then Europe. Each country has its own requirements and limits. We will work with the provider to see if the App ID is needed on a per-jurisdiction basis.

Is Cake Pay for me?

Cake Pay is a revolutionary payment option that allows people in the United States to easily purchase gift cards for use at over 150,000 merchant locations and save 1-3% within Cake Wallet.

Cake Pay is an excellent option for those who would otherwise sell their digital assets on a centralized exchange. Instead of making an exchange account that requires full identity verification (ID, SSN, address, etc), you can create a Cake Pay account with just an email.

Cake Pay makes it easy to spend digital assets without going through a regulated Money Services Business (MSB). However, there are still limits on prepaid value.

If you never use an exchange and can easily trade your digital assets for cash without creating any accounts, then maybe Cake Pay isn't your best option. You can convert your digital assets to cash, then keep using cash to protect your privacy.

But Cake Pay is far more accessible and private than using an MSB. Instead of sharing an address, photo ID, selfie, SSN, employer, etc., all you need to share is an email. This makes Cake Pay a great option for most people.

Of course, if a merchant accepts digital assets directly (especially if they accept them without a payment processor), you should pay directly with crypto in Cake Wallet without any intermediaries whatsoever!

What if I don't use Cake Pay?

Then this doesn't apply! Your App ID isn't sent anywhere just by using the core Cake Wallet features.

We're sad to require these changes to continue offering Cake Pay. We believe it remains an extremely useful tool to many people, and we want to keep making it better over time. We want to thank our early supporters, and we welcome feedback on these changes.

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