Bitrefill claimed XMR is the only real coin out there aside from bitcoin but still doesnt accept it, how come

today been exactly 3 months since birefill did the interview with douglas on their youtube channel:

i think it's the ceo but i might be mistaken, either way, in that interview he literally saying that there is only 2 real coins which are bitcoin and monero
so how come they do things like LN, LTC, doggocoin but not monero to this day?
doing a quick search on this sub for "bitrefill" it seems its been a request for years
well, same way as it was a request for years for mullvad which finally did ended up adopting xmr

now with cakepay that has that ease of use of literally just being an app on mobile phone for non-tech savvy people and is doing through XMR, there is definitely some competition entering that space
like, why would bitrefill make those claims but not even supporting their own claims through their actions? i dont get it…

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