Keep waiting

Keep on waiting on the sidelines. I remember when btc was at the all time high people where saying how they wish they got in at 30k. When 30k came where were those people? Still waiting. Waiting for lower prices. “I’m not buying till we go to under 20k”. What were they doing when btc hit sub 20k? Still waiting. Now everyone is saying “I’m not buying until we go to 10k or lower”. What will they do if 10k comes? You guessed it, they’ll keep waiting for 5k and it will continue like that. So keep waiting. Eventually the bottom will be found and you’ll be left in the dust and when you realize that you’ve missed out on these cheap prices, we’ll already be at or close to a new ath and it will be too late. A tiny amount may get lucky and get in at the bottom, but the market likes to disappoint the most amount of people and a big disappointment is afoot📈

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