New Charts Released on

New Charts Released on

I was busy these last few days preparing this for the community, but to celebrate Monero's fork I'm currently releasing 7 brand new charts on The website has 85 charts now. This is an ongoing work, so if you guys find any bug, please let me know. I updated the charts looks, but there are a lot of things I still have to fix. There are many more improvements planned for the future.

New charts about P2Pool and P2Pool Mini, created with data from community member DataHoarder (API from P2Pool Observer):

Chart suggested by community member MoneroMon, which calculates the dollars/day for each unit of KHash/s of a miner:


These calculate how far away Monero's price is from its supposed value, judging by Metcalfe's Model, more about this on my article here. I'm still trying to get donations from the community to support my work, so I can keep delivering. The idea is to get to 100 charts and then improve the website with other type of tools for the users to push adoption. I intend to build an API service, so others can import the data into their projects. I'm also accepting suggestions, so please poke me on twitter or Matrix in case you have any. Happy fork!

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