Received XMR out of thin air

Good day!

Today, something weird happened.

I was sitting on a very small batch of XMR, around 0.7, for about two years or so. Here and then, I checked my wallet, and it always stayed at ~0.7.

Yesterday, I decided to send some of my Monero to a friend, which left me with 0.2 XMR;

But today I found myself having 1.2 XMR. There is and was NO transaction to my account in years. I restarted my wallet software, tried it on a different system, and it's still 1.2.

And no, my friend did not send me anything. I only have one transaction, which is outgoing and was successful.

How is that possible?

I can't have mined almost 1 XMR within 24hrs, could I?

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