“Critical” questions about Bitcoin

Hey all,

First of all and to make things clear: I strongly believe in Bitcoin and I think it can revolutionize the financial system and make the world better place and so on.

But ever since I got to learn more and more about Bitcoin, there are 2 "topics" I keep thinking about that I can't seem to find any satisfying answers to:

1.) One of the big advantages of Bitcoin (over Gold) is that everybody knows there are only 21 Million and there will never be more than that. However, there is a decent amount of BTC that is lost forever and will never be recovered. This again makes the actual number of Bitcoin in circulation NOT to certain. Is this a risk in some way, or is the fact that everybody knows how many Bitcoin will be mined with one Block and that 21 Million really is a max. number fine enough?

2.) Just today, I was talking to a friend and I was asking what he thinks will be the time that the first central bank may possibly be considering or will actually be putting Bitcoin on their balancesheet (thus buying Bitcoin). He said, he does not think this will ever happen, since BTC is already too much unequally distributed and thus no central bank will ever adopt it. On the one side I get his point: Bitcoin adoption in this way will make some individuals (and also a few others) very very rich. But on the other side this fact is also the case with our current fiat system (just look at the wealth of Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos e.g. ..). So, do you also view this point quite critical, or is this just the way it will be?

Thanks in advance and I am looking forward to all your input and hope for interesting discussions! 🙂

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