66% of Bitcoin supply has NOT moved in 1+ years

2/3 of all Bitcoin is illiquid (not moving or being sold) even after all the fear / crypto winter crash and economic forecasts on the global stage. so only 1/3 of bitcoin is being traded back and forth and is available for purchase. Some of that supply being traded is going illiquid into the hands of whales / people with longer time frames and more information that other investors are missing.

i also believe a majority of that illiquid supply is not undertreat of liquidation/margin calls and i dont see how bitcoin drops lower and even if it did, there is far too many people ready to buy that dip. Everyone calling for 10k bottoms or so are just calling a bottom but dont admit that bitcoin is still here to stay and after 10k bottom it will go back up. There is a extreme amount of bullish news for bitcoin between adoption from / offerings form investment firms like blackrock/fidelity , dubai blasting money to be come a global crypto hub. more addresses, more HODL'ers, less supply each day available and it goes on forever for bull cases. but no real bear cases besides rumors of a Mt.gox release that has not been verified anywhere.

this has to be the bottom or very close to it, i dont see how a massive selling could happen to push the price down more especially as for every seller, there is a buyer. if it does dip more it will only be very short lived as ofcourse that dip will be purchased in a frenzy and then its over. bears got their case, now what…. Bitcoin has sat in this range for far too long for no real reasons besides people being scared of nothing…

we are so close to ripping to the moon now and i feel bad for everyone that exited for nothing but a emotional response or they lacked a piece of information

theres like 90% bullish news and adoption vs like 10% of bear news/fear, mainly just people with charts and graphs and just looking at patterns and mt.gox. and some other misc. but theres nothing left to logically fear.

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