Looking for a Monero friendly NFT platform

I want to get into NFT. I'm pretty new to it, I only know the basics and am not really a fan of it.

I'm an artist/programmer/writer/etc. who wants to get money, preferably Monero, for what I publish.

What's important to me:

  • no KYC
  • no need to install some cryptocurrency client (besides Monero, which I already have)
  • preferably really decentralized (not necessary)
  • easy to convert the currency into XMR (if it doesn't use XMR natively)
  • popular enough to have a chance of getting followers or whatever
  • I don't want to lose the rights for my products, I want to improve them, use them in other projects, etc.
  • be able to share different kinds of files, at least images, videos, writing, executables and zips (or similar packages)

I basically want a general purpose version of XMRmemes/suchwow, or a crypto currency version of itch.io

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