Someone I know has invested and is holding a very decent amount of btc. When I asked if they are storing on there computer or a exchange they asked what’s the difference. Then got offended when I asked what wallet there using.

I'm probably being a bit to noisy here but if they don't know what the difference between a exchange and wallet is that pretty bad. They also mined a couple hundred worth aswell. Told them a exchange is not safe for storing anything over $100 because if something happens to the exchange they could loose it all.

If it's safe in there wallet there's no issue but they believe if they loose something here they would loose it on the exchange as well.

Feels bad because they came to me for advice. I sent them the link to Ledgers home page and they replied saying not to advertise my wallet. Like the link isn't to my specific wallet. It's something they straight up should consider getting. Told them it doesn't have to be a Ledger, there's others. But I think they skipped that part of my message

Half of me wants to be ¯_(ツ)_/¯ but the other half is slightly worried because it's quite a bit they invested into Bitcoin.

Guess I want advice on how to talk to them but if there holding the amount they said then I should I trust that it's safe.

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