Why I only use the Mycelium Bitcoin wallet. (the answer is not what you think)

The worst case scenario for me personally. As I like to live a digital nomad life is great 99.9% of the time , however this can leave you truly vulnerable to external events. For example there you are stuck no wallet no phone either all stolen in the country I am in, or stolen at the border as I flee to escape a deadly war. No cash no ID no friends. OK get your hands on an android phone and reset to factory and connect with a wifi hotspot or cellular data sim card. Next download from play store mycelium wallet. Recreate your Mycelium HOT wallet using your memorised 12 beautiful life saving words. Now this is the good part. Go to the subsection "Mycelium Marketplace" and exchange for local currency (you know cash) what you need to have a really nice time as oposed to misery.

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