Bitcoin can be destroyed

The mining difficulty is being adjusted every 2016 blocks. If quantum computer (or something other supercalculator) starts to mine he can mine 2016 blocks for one second and in this case the difficulty will adjusted in 1 second for quantum computer to mine for 3 seconds. The upper limit for each difficulty epoch is a +300% change, while the lower is a -75% alteration. Supercalculator will mine until difficulty will adjusted to 10 minutes for supercalculator's power. If supercalculator will turned off after this then 2016 blocks can be mined for many years before difficulty will be adjusted and only for -75%. It is not defended from very quick fall of hash rate caused by turing off quantum computer, Transactions will be almost stopped for a long time if there will not another superalculator that can help to mine faster.

These settings must be changed or bitcoin could be destroyed even if equipped with quantum protection. Not only the difficulty of mining should change every X blocks, but also the number of blocks needed to recalculate the difficulty.

English is not my native language, I just started learning it and i use translator. Focus on logic, not grammar.

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