Global Bitcoin day!

In support and celebration of BTC officially becoming legal tender in El Salvador we decided last year to make September 7th Global Bitcoin Day! We are a couple days away and just wanted to remind everyone of this annual tradition.

Last year there were several posts about people buying $30 worth of BTC on the 7th to celebrate BTC’s legal tender status and I say we continue that this year. Whether it’s $3, $30, $300, let’s make a special BTC purchase this Global Bitcoin Day.

And, if you can, set up automatic purchasing every week going forward.

Not to be taking too seriously here and not trying to pump Bitcoin, just a fun annual tradition for us to celebrate together.

People are saying El Salvador’s BTC experiment has failed but I believe they’re just getting started. One year is a very short period of time to change an entire country’s way of thinking and their currency. Let’s show some support for their effort and leadership!

Happy Global Bitcoin Day everyone!

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