464 GB File popped up on my computer overnight and I did not create it.

This is the largest file I've ever had on my computer in my life, it "popped up" over night. I did not create it. It could be 1,000 things, I understand. The name of the file:DHJxejLhBlW6A6HYqdZW51MDFYCKfMGMhUXfLfkMN9WboGegkVeE_

It is 474 GB (509,392,814,080 bytes) big. The name reminds me of garbage of course. But blockchain, crypto and wallet addresses look similar! Within the last few years, I had monero wallet in this directory. I forget what I did. But I somehow set it up to store data on my computer (blockchain info or something) and this file grew amazingly quick. It became a problem, but it was a quick support fix.

Given the name and issue I had with a massive wallet file in the same folder. Thought I'd ask here. I am asking here to see if I can rule it out being a crypto / xmr or similar file. I am not aware of ANY wallets on this computer now (they are outdated if so). It was not literally overnight. It was created end of August. I only noticed it today because my HD was full and I knew that was 100% impossible.


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