Prediction of the Bitcoin future

Hello everyone, I believe that in the future Bitcoin will peak higher than ever before and will not ever drop to the current value again in our lifetime.

Just right now there are many factors keeping the value low, but as soon as these stabilise, it’s going to sore. Here are my reasons for my belief:

  • a few studies conducted suggests that elderly/middle aged people that buy Bitcoin shares are at a all time high. So why is it still low?

  • Miners! Not just a bedroom miner, but there are acres of land full of computers mining Bitcoin right now! Of course, the more Bitcoin there are, the less value initially! Once this stabilises the value should start increasing.

  • Many companies have invested into working with/for Bitcoin, therefore quitting would be damaging.

  • Russia! Yes we all know about the tyrant, but I’m talking about the people. Russians contributors have dropped dramatically.

  • With the world economy in shambles right now, this effects peoples ability to buy Bitcoin (in larger amounts) and keep Bitcoin.

  • governments, including the UK and US are making their own crypto as well as taking Bitcoin very seriously.

  • you guys heard of Ross Ulbrict ? Well in 2020 the US government found a trove of Bitcoin worth nearly $3 billion, just like many criminals, they get their Bitcoins seized and the government liquidates the Bitcoin into $, lowering the value.

I know these aren’t all the effecting factors, and maybe not the best ones, but with this in mind of the current events of the world, I believe in the future, maybe years from now, below $100k for 1 Bitcoin will be a thing of the past.

But for now I hope it stays low for a few more years.

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