Regarding previous bear markets: What was the thing of group of things that made it look like Bitcoin was going to die?

So I have this question for the people who have survived previous market cycles surrounding Bitcoin.

My reasoning for this question is because the rest of crypto, aka: the shitcoin market, is talking about how "The merge" will finally make Bitcoin obsolete. And I sure more than once in the past said to myself "Bitcoin is going to die" and never cared about this technology until the number went up too much and I fomoed in, went through all the phases of the "crypto investor", and now I only believe in Bitcoin as a liberating force and as the world fixing money which looks to be the pattern for everyone.

What was that new technology which came to "replace Bitcoin" that didn't? What were those things that "Bitcoin can't do" that either now Bitcoin does of proven to be just a buzzword for the exit liquidity to buy? What are the similarities with today's events?

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