Does Anyone Else Think CBDCs Might Unwittingly Make People More Comfortable With Fully Digital Money?

It seems to me most people still live under the delusion that their money is primarily slips of paper. Not that they use cash, but plastic RFID cards work as an analogue to this. Once most people accept that their phone and their wallet is the same, I can't see them really putting any thought into how CBDCs or Bitcoin are different, besides purchasing power and the change in purchasing power over time, which Bitcoin has an insurmountable advantage.

In fact, this shift will probably accelerate the minute one of the central banks attempts one of the tyrannical controls they are lauding as benefits, like putting an expiration date or a cap on a particular good like energy. We saw something similar in Canada with capital outflows the moment the government announced they will be freezing bank accounts.

I'll also add, that IMO it really doesn't matter how much people are using Bitcoin as their day to day currency. All that matters is how many people will accept it as payment. Gresham's Law is clear that good money will never circulate as much as bad money.

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