Understanding BTC and Capitalism: A zero sum game

I was trying to figure out with me and my friends how would BTC actually work in a real world scenario if it were treated as a global (or a country's) currency. I understand, inflation is bad and in no way defending a concept that steals value from the poor.

A capitalistic country works well if it isn't a zero sum game, where one's loss is not necessarily one's profit. A loss can happen to both the parties and similarly profit as well. If there is more money to be
circulated (not a lot of money obviously), we know eventually goods and services increase. Now the government doesn't really understand how to spend money, thats a different issue altogether. What I am failing to understand is, with BTC's fixed money supply, how doesn't a country's capitalistic society not turn into a zero sum game? If someone could explain how this would work, I would truly grateful:) Cheers

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