In a world of everything finite, we have our current money infinite.

Many will read this but sadly a small percentage has put enough effort to understand it.

As thought experiment if you have 10,000 dollars and 5 BTC.

The percentage ratio of your ownership this pool for: BTC comes out to be : 0.00002380952380 %

Fiat money is : 10000/X (unknown X)

No one on earth know the value of this X, even the feds, ecb.

This ratio is not determined and likely would never be determined by anyone. It just exist in our imagination.

That is why we Maximalist are going crazy over BTC and everything that it brings with it.

I can determine the ratio of my ownership in this hard asset and effectively plan my future.

Those who understand it are just trying others to understand this, to avoid the forthcoming misery.

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