99% of the world will not accept bitcoin, but 100% of the world will accept lightning invoices.

Stop trying to get businesses to accept bitcoin or accept crypto. 99% of the world is not going to accept bitcoin, 99% of the world is not going to accept shitcoins through binance partnerships, 99% of the world is not going to accept stablecoins.

What will most likely happen is lightning will proliferate as a better value transfer protocol than Visa Mastercard and Swift. There will be API services that allow merchants to accept lightning invoices and instantly receive dollars into their business bank account. Banks will plug into lightning APIs allowing their app users to scan and pay lightning invoices using their dollar balance. Businesses and individuals will still use banks but money flows and transactions will happen over lightning instead of through Visa and Mastercard.

This is fine because this is how 99% of the world will become bitcoin users without even knowing it, they will be using bitcoin everytime they transact.

The fun part of this is that once all merchants are accepting lightning invoices and all banks are plugged into lightning, us bitcoiners will be able to use bitcoin over lightning to pay for everything everywhere on earth. At that point it really will be possible to be your own bank becuase your lightning wallet will now be accepted at more places than Visa and Mastercard. There will be no difference in a users payment experience between a free lightning wallet loaded with sats or a banking app loaded with dollars.

Then and only then will the other 99% who are uninterested in bitcoin be able to actually decide to start getting paid in bitcoin and start saving in bitcoin with a lightning wallet rather than holding dollars in a bank.

99% of the world is not going to accept bitcoin, but lightning is the trojan horse that will lead to every merchant on earth accepting bitcoin without even knowing it.


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