New tool to analyze news sentiments on cryptos from different media houses!!

Last week I introduced Athena. It has been built by one of the team members at coinjupiter. The tool can help you analyze news sentiments on any particular coin or #crypto project.

Feel free to test the tool and give feedback as comments here. The project name is Athena. Athena’s main purpose is to help analyze crypto news from different sources. Athena picks news items based on the crypto project that you select and makes an analysis on the same.

The result is then presented on the screen for you as a percentage. You can search any type of blockchain or crypto project and it will crawl the web for news related to your search. Whatever you intend to do with the results is up to you. We are just trying to make the crypto community more robust and add value where we can. Also, remember to support us if you can.

Link to try out Athena:

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