Back to drawing boards..

Small time developer here.. truly believe in BTC. That said, please hear me out.. this Lightning's "inbound liquidity" business is, IMHO, fundamentally flawed! Have opened channels with various nodes, only for them to go offline for, seemingly, ever. Force closed, lost bunch of sats. Tried to use some paid services, but some ridiculous up front –local_amt and –push_amt. I am not a merchant wanting to set up lightning payment.. just a very enthusiastic developer experimenting with Lightning. I find 2million sats ( some $400 or so) min requirement unacceptable (albeit, some require less). What to do? I really am NOT a nay sayer but I think for Lightening to catch on, this should be addressed (hear me Pickhardt and other brilliant minds of Lightning world?). It is an stumbling block to put it mildly.

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