Lightning to bank account offramp within 5 mins

Lightning to bank account offramp within 5 mins

I use a hardware wallet to store my crypto. It is inconvenient for me to sell crypto. I make an on-chain transaction to an exchange, sell and then withdraw to my bank account. I pay the fee for every step. The withdrawal from Binance to my Revolut bank account takes at least a day and up to 3 days on weekends (When I lived in Estonia). I sold using the Moonpay offramp widget once. The fee was 5% and the withdrawal took 30 mins. But, on my Revolut statements, it said the deposit from Moonpay. This is not safe as my bank account is vulnerable to being shut down and suspended for being involved in crypto trading.

We (my friend and I) built this web app to help anyone sell crypto safely in a few steps. Every user on onboarding gets his/her own IBAN account (internally) and all the external bank withdrawals happen to form your IBAN account created in your name and hence safe. We support instant SEPA transfers in European countries for faster withdrawals. Users can also liquidate crypto to a virtual debit card for online purchases.

Check it out:

We are not live on the main net yet. But you can test the prototype by selling testnet Bitcoin over lightning. You can leave your email ids to be beta testers and gain early access to the product.

Any feedback is appreciated 🙂

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