Watch only wallet question

I use bluewallet as a watch only wallet and I have manually added a few addresses to watch over it. I don't want to give XPUB and expose all my addresses to it so have manually added it. But below are minor issues I have:

  1. The 3 addresses are shown as 3 different wallet and not as a single sum. Probably the XPUB would have shown it as single sum. But is there any other way/any other wallet that can show single balance across addresses?

  2. It is showing in BTC. Is there a way to make it show in sats. I searched all settings but couldn't find one. But ahbe seen screenshots with sats. Is it applicable only for their own wallet and not for watch only wallet?

  3. It is not displaying price in fiat against the balance. There is a currency setting and I can set it but don't know where it will show up.

Any help is much appreciated. If there is some other watch only wallet that could do all/any of these, pls let me know. Thanks.

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