Kraken closed my account

I just got an email from Kraken saying they were closing my account and to sell my bitcoin (measly $100 worth) and withdraw the proceeds within 72 hours.


I have been learning the ways of bitcoin only for a few months, and got my Kraken account 8/26, and have sent and received small amounts of bitcoin on 9/2. When I tried to withdraw to my external wallet yesterday, it gave me an error like “Your account has been suspended. Contact support”.

Strike did a similar thing to me some weeks ago when I was just applying for the account: “Sorry, you will not be able to have an account with us”.

And both say “We can’t tell you why, for security reasons”.

Is it because I retired in February?

Or because I use an email alias/forward service?

Or because I moved states in April?

Or because I just got my new driver license in August?

Or because CO licenses are so goofy you can’t get a good picture of them so have to try multiple times?

I’m just a normal person, U.S. citizen, no record or public or social footprint.

Luckily I still have swanbitcoin for buying and where I could sell. Also, robinhood, venmo as experimentation. But now I wonder if/when those others could at any time drop the hammer on me! So I’d sure like to figure out what my problem is 🙂

I would love to try Strike because their approach seems somewhat unique (and the fees seem low!).

I would like to have a Kraken account because they seem quite well regarded in these reddit forums, and even post very positive contributions on occasion.

If there anyone here that has any insight to this, if so please share it with me. Thank you

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