If you HODL Bitcoin and feel nothing when the Bitcoin price falls or rises, because you opted for a low-time preference, I want to congratulate you: You are a Bitcoiner!

It's all in the title.

Do you really understand the why of Bitcoin? If so, you're not going to let a 75 basis point rate hike by the Fed scare you off like the rest of the investment market that has a short-term view of things.

With Bitcoin, you've opted for a low-time preference. You know that Bitcoin is a long-term monetary revolution that transcends market cycles.

The economy and the stock market are cyclical, but the Bitcoin revolution is here to stay. The key is to focus on the fundamentals of Bitcoin. And Bitcoin's fundamentals haven't changed since its inception, so there's no reason to panic.

Leave aside the Bitcoin price in the short term, and focus on what is essential in life.

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