Ultimate Orange Pill Piece Recommendations?

So I've met with 2 of my professors (separately) and am trying to Orange Pill them (just FYI I'm a senior mechanical engineering student). First Professor was very open-minded and very skeptical. I'm taking Heat Transfer with her and her specialization is Energy (transfer, usage etc.). I gave her some info specifically on Bitcoin's stats from Saylor and the most recent Bitcoin Mining Council report and while she found some problems within them, she was genuinely intrigued and impressed.
2nd Professor we had more of a heated intense debate in front of his class (we like each other so it was fine). He was a traditional quantitative finance guy who left to teach Computer Science (including cryptography), Math, and Economics. If you could ONLY SEND ONE thing for high level academics to read in order to try and orange pill them, what would it be?
I'm thinking of sending The Bullish Case for Bitcoin by Vijay Bonapati. My Professor asked me what his 'credentials' are and I admitted I didn't know (turns out he's 'just' a Software Engineer), I obviously called out my Professor for making an argument from authority and he conceded and then reluctantly agreed to read whatever I send him to change his mind. Question: WHAT DO I SEND?

TLDR: You can send only 1 thing about Bitcoin for an Academic to read in order to Orange Pill them. What would you send?

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