CCS Funding Required: Monerosigner DIY hardware wallet

Hey everyone!

I wanted to update the community, on my CCS proposal for Monerosigner. My proposal just moved to "funding required". You can check it out here:

What is Monerosigner?

Supplychain poses a significant attack vector to hardware manufacturers, this threat is exacerbated when dealing with cryptocurrency devices. Monerosigner offers a DIY hardware wallet built out of easy to source over the counter general hobbyist parts. This makes it easier for users to self custody their keys on their own devices.


I plan on creating a Monero specific fork of seedsigner called Monerosigner. Monerosigner is an offline signing hardware wallet built around the raspberry pi zero SBC. The hardware comes with a companion desktop application called Monerosigner Companion. With the companion application users are able to send unsigned transactions via QR codes to Monerosigner.

Thank you to everyone who offered feedback!

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