A Latinamerican advice for Monero

Hello guys! It's been a long time since I've posted here… Personal issues and work. Nevertheless, I still read some discussions here in Monero.

I would like to propose a simple way of thinking that may seems "very unnecessarily confusing" but it must not be overlooked.

My proposal is: stop evaluating Monero as an X amount of dollar; but evaluating the dollar as an X amount of Monero. In other words: we see in FeatherWallet, for example, "XMR = $150". What I'm saying is we must start looking: "Dollar = 0.0066 XMR" (or 6.66 mXMR).

Why such a deal? It would be better to "talk" in terms of dollars… Well… That's the problem. By thinking like that, we're praising dollars ("because the entire world is valued in dollars") rather than praising Monero. In this way, If we're looking Monero as $150, we're still using the dollar to measure everything; and the goal here is to be independent of dollars (if, of course, we conceive Monero as a mean of exchange).

This issue comes from an Argentine phenomenon that serves as an example about this idea. The economic deliriums of the past +70 years made people to use dollars informally "as a mean of saving purchasing power". Remember, Argentina had more than a half-century with inflation rates of +100% (even with periods of hyperinflation).

What's the problem of "saving in dollars"? Well, the ignorance of "economics 101" has led people to think that "dollar went up" and "dollar went down". THAT'S THE PROBLEM RIGHT THERE! The issue here is not the dollar, is the national currency! (Basically, people "blame" dollar rather than blaming the shitty currency that is the argentine peso).

There's a huge gap between thinking "a good is more expensive/cheaper" and "my currency is depreciated/appreciated". This is my point with Monero: if we want to be independent of dollar, we have to abandon the dollar as a measure unit, and start looking ANY price in the world valued in XMR… Not even in dollars and then converting it, by our own means, to XMR (the problem here lies with "converting it, by our own means, to XMR", because it would be better to be presented in the first place in XMR).

My proposal doesn't require megabytes of code to change this. What I say, following the example of FeatherWallet, is applying this calculation with the exchange rate:

1 dollar / Exchange rate of Monero = x XMR

By doing this, we'll stop looking as "Monero worths 150 dollars" and we will start looking "a dollar worths 0.0066 XMR" (lol). That may be a starting point to incorporate Monero in our daily lives (if we want to stay away from the dollar). And this require to stop thinking in dollars.

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