Bitcoin is a political statement against the system. They saw it, they understood, and when they started regulated, I got very mad. Now, your turn!

Dear Friends,

DJ Elf made this video to explain a tool I built called Rep My Block so we, as Americans, can beat at the ballot box those that don't understand the Freedoms values embedded in Bitcoin (and those not American interested in bringing democracy into your clans, D/M me)

I have been fighting in New York since 2013 and this short from two days ago is a fight at a political meeting that started in 2014: (I am the one with the bullhorn in the video.)

As you can see in the NYC Post Election, a quasi-governmental entity want to outlaw Bitcoin political donations (click on recommendations):

Recommendation #1: Prohibit campaigns from receiving cryptocurrency donations Cryptocurrency should not be an accepted contribution method because of the unnecessary risk it poses to our compliance and enforcement regulations.

The following text below is for each one of us to get involved in defending bitcoin based on each other time, abilities, and desire to fight for bitcoin without resorting to schemes.

We can beat them as long as we are willing to debate in the room that matter, and it doesn't require storming Capitol Hill like those idiots on January 6th, but actually at home talking to our neighbors. (Several of these idiots are my friends, but having to walked several bitcoiners to doors of the jailhouse, I know the drill now.)

If you want to understand more about what happened in the meeting, this DA candidate came to her first meeting and filed this series of a tweet of the meeting (go up to see the short videos):

The same type of meeting takes place all over the world, even in the DPRK (but good luck coming out alive if they disagree with you.) You just need to know where it is and that is where Rep My Block come in.

The fight is not over, but I lay the pieces over the years.

I explained to Nebraskan Bitcoiners how to make a show of force at their capitol (without storming it) and they defeated the Nebraskan Bitlicense!

Let me know where you are, what your political opinions and you can be a better Bitcoin activist out there:

Now, it's your turn.


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