FUD in the news = Frustration

So I recently typed "bitcoin" into a search engine and most of the top stories are FUD from major publications. Conversely, most of the positive messages are coming from Coindesk, Cointelegraph, and bitcoinmagazine. Many of these 'news' outlets I used to trust but now I'm really starting to feel frustrated with them for not fully understanding how Bitcoin adoption can help drive green renewable energy or that its a more stable form of money than fiat, or that despite the stock market tanking it has been relatively stable…

Does anyone else feel frustrated that the major mainstream narrative right now is driving a message that a) doesn't separate bitcoin from "crypto", b) labels mining as wasteful and bad for the environment, or c) that they are turning people who don't know squat about the real problems in society away from solutions?

Or are you all just sitting back and thinking its business as usual, 'news' isn't anything more than brainwashing for the masses, we're still early and stack sats before the price gets driven up by more competition?

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