Issuing a “So-Called Stablecoin”

I was thinking about issuing a "So-called stablecoin" on Bitcoin related software.

I have different options.

I could issue a "So-called stablecoin" on Liquid, aka L-Stablecoin. This is a sidechain solution – Not to be seen in the Bitcoin protocol. Correct?

I could issue a "So-called stablecoin" on Taro, using Taproot. Combined with Lightning, it would be a 2. layer solution. Correct?

Or I could use RSK (sidechain), Stacks/Mintlayer (independent layer 1).

Can somebody please tell me about Fastkitten, DLC, SAPIO and where the best place would be to make the "So-called stablecoin".

In 180/360 days, where will the biggest marketcap "So-called stablecoin" be at?

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