FTX's meltdown and continued unethical behavior is the BEST thing to happen to our movement since our $68K run.

The transparency that we're seeing along with Alameda's transfer of the $89 Million to a new wallet is forensic validity!!

That alone will stimulate an influx of new BTC HODL's.

Let's not forget the psychology of wealth. "Ya never want to be late for the party, when the party is about money." FOMO is alive and well with the RICH right now especially seeing our price consistency from June to the present and once again "especially" our surviving the past Black Swan event.

REALLY, we can all thank SBF for bringing our adoption process closer and less time consuming as we watch the FTX implosion.

Clarity is what the big money/adopters are waiting for.

Enjoy the ride fellow BTC revolutionaries for humanity.


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