Looking for computer to run node

I'm currently searching for an arm or risc-v computer(PC, mini PC, laptop, anything, and x86 is not an option for me here) to run a public node(I would like to contribute to the network and have my own node :D) on, in order of importance the things I'm looking for are: 1. AES hardware support 2. Good Linux support(fedora or Debian or RHEL) 3. Low power consumption 4. PCI slots for nvme drive and ddr4/5 5. Open source firmware/uefi support 6. Good cooling solution(would like 0 downtime other than updates) 7. 4g/LTE support

4, 5 & 7 I'm willing to compromise on. I've tried looking for something but documentation on my the things in my requirements list is scarce or difficult to find, and I was curious if anyone here has some experience attempting the same thing that I am? Any and all help is appreciated.

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