Monero, taxes, trade and the future

Please, delete this if it’s too unspecific.

I was wondering to myself about monero as a payment method outside of the crypto space.

Just going to blurt some questions out there, hopefully someone has some interesting thoughts on them.

  • Are you interested in eventually declaring your crypto buy/sell prices and holdings to be able to declare them as investments, for insurance purposes or something similar?

  • If we want to be able to use XMR to buy stuff in say, regular stores, doesn’t that mean that giving up your identity in the process? I don’t assume you can just open up a crypto method and allow customers to remain anonymous?

  • Is the hope that an anonymous financial system to start up, allowing people to freely shop and sell without government knowledge? Is that even realistic, since it would almost certainly involve “tax fraud”?

  • If the goal is not an eventual merger with traditional finance, or a shadow system around it, what is the goal then? To continue tax avoidance and swap for regulated coins like BTC which you’d pay taxes on?

To me, without actual places to spend XMR without also committing tax fraud, Monero seems less interesting. But I also assume that governments would never allow that to mix with traditional finance.

So what does the future hold in your opinion, and what should be the aim? Mind you that this is coming from an XMR fan, not a hater.

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