Naming the Seraphis/Jamtis project–it’s a big deal coming our way.

Seraphis protocol and Jamtis wallet are going to advance the secrecy of Monero dramatically when it is finally implemented. It will not make Monero quantum resistant, but it should have forward secrecy against a quantum adversary.

One of the things it will have is perfect forward secrecy. In simple cryptographic terms, past blocks in ablock chain will be protected against any future compromise of keys or passwords. In short, if a block is not broken now, then it never will be.

Really serious development of the Seraphis protocol and Jamtis wallet has gotten underway this week with the appointment of a non-paid Administrator–rbrunner7. It was discussed in the firstweekly meeting that a more appropriate and exciting name be given to the project.

We are looking for name ideas. If you have a favorite name, please share it here. If you like aname that is presented, vote thumbs up on it. Vice versa, if you don't like it, then showthumbs down on it. And check back a little later on to see if there are additional names you could vote on.

It would be fantastic to come up with a name here that everyone is wild about

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