🇵🇱 Warsaw meet-up with free ammo & pizza by OrangeFren, sponsored by xChange.me and Xult.com


Thanks to the help of xChange.me and Xult.com , OrangeFren.com is organizing another meet-up. This time in Warsaw, Poland on the 4th of December.

Where? Strzelnica Legia, ul. Łazienkowska 3, Warsaw, Poland 🇵🇱

When? Sunday the 4th of December – from 12:00 until 16:00

Get a free ticket here

The event is taking place on a covered 🔫 shooting range 🔫, aside from the opportunity to hang out with other cryptocurrency enthusiasts you'll also be able to shoot for free.

No experience is necessary and if you just want to come over and hang out without shooting that's fine too :).

Come join us and let's make crypto scary again!

Unfortunately, this time, the venue will not be accepting cryptocurrency.

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