A very special tutorial

I post here too just for extra visibility, because I think it is relevant for the whole community. You find the original post here: https://np.reddit.com/r/MoneroMining/comments/yx2f6q/a_very_special_tutorial/

I think I am in a very common situation: I am a typical Apple user with a Macbook that should not mine Monero and I want to mine Monero (I need new hardware!). I forgot: I am dumb as fuck too, like most Apple users. A very common situation inded.

What I (we) need is a special tutorial that complies with our special needs, users like us does not love to buy a big monitor, to have cables everywhere, maus and keyboard and so on.

I think that the best compromise is to extra own just a very cheap laptop and a Ryzen desktop. The laptop works (in this combination) just like a monitor, maus and keyboard for the desktop.

The laptop runs Windows and/or Linux, the desktop runs only Tails.

The desktop stays hidden in a corner with a Ryzen inside and a small WiFi antenna outside. The laptop comes in the game only to set the desktop and let it mine like crazy.

I will contribute a lot to the network. I will leave my Mac and iPhone clean and fresh. I will have no cables and stuff around, just a useful laptop with Windows and Linux.

Could it work at all? Could somebody help me realizing this dream? (With a tutorial for an Apple user) I think many of us would take adavntage!

Many thanks


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