Bitcoin is a non-yielding asset. Many hear this but few understand this.

Hello all fiat generations running after yields on their BTC, before this fiat debacle it was a common understanding that you in possession of some asset doesn't mean that you are entitled to have more of it. To have more of it, you have provide or add more value to the society which will pay you in that asset that you dearly want.

Having 2 kg of gold at home didn't mean before that someone will come and give you 0.1 kg of gold each month. You have to work for it.

Lending of gold and pawn shops always existed but it had inherit risk that people were aware of. It is a known risk.

You putting your BTC in blockfi or any other lending to have yield carry the same risk. You can loose it all in the end.

Untill you are willing to lose all of your precious BTC that you got after putting so much effort, go ahead.

If not, take off your btc from exchanges. If hardware wallet is bad, make a paper wallet or electrum or any other open source wallet.

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