Fully air-gapped transactions activated with Blockstream Jade’s camera

Blockstream Jade is a secure, affordable, bitcoin-only hardware wallet that has just activated its camera for fully air-gapped bitcoin transactions.

This allows for communication with your companion wallet app (e.g. BlueWallet) using QR codes to receive and send bitcoin, instead of connecting via USB or Bluetooth. Air-gapped transactions can increase the security of your wallet, as you have physical control over when your device receives and sends data instead of being constantly connected like many hardware wallets.

Jade can also now work very similarly to a SeedSigner, by allowing temporary access to a wallet by scanning a SeedQR and forgetting the wallet from your device as soon as you are done using it.

Check out a demo of Jade performing an air-gapped transaction with BlueWallet here: https://twitter.com/blockstream/status/1591831525418573824?s=46&t=l3ocYJuvDfuOJdg2OqYoHA

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