Regarding EU trying to ban privacy coins…

Before getting concerned, take a moment and think. At information age…since birth of internet…could they truly ban anything at all? It's impossible to ban something at this age guys, let that sink in. I'll elaborate with some examples.

There are some very smart people on this planet and they like their freedom. That is why regardless of whatever shit central bodies try, it won't work.

Could they ban bitcoin? They tried it two hundred times, it doesn't work. People will always find a way.

Bitcoin is the dominant currency of darknet for years. For years, it's been used by criminals or whatever shit they want to name it. What happened at the end? Where are we today? OK, then ask yourself what else is used in darknet today?

If you are old enough, you will remember that each computer CD game had a crack protection back in 90's and 00's, yet there was always someone who cracks it. At the end Steam was invented, and all gaming companies forced to accept it.

They tried to stop music sharing Kazaa or whatever, it didn't work. At the end Spotify was invented, and artists were forced to accept it.

They tried to stop movie sharing, torrent etc. it didn't work. Movie companies poured millions of dollars to do whatever they can to stop it. They banned piratebay hundreds of times. They even raided their office. What happened? Did it work? Can you still access piratebay today? Yes you can. At the end they had to invent Netflix etc.

They are trying to stop illegal live streaming today right? Does it work? I can certainly watch anything anytime free. One website goes down, one hundred goes up. There is no way to stop it.

They tried to ban VPNs and block access to VPN IPs. Did it work?

People will always find a way. Do not worry about bans, they can't do any shit. Their impact will be only short term, then it'll go back to where it was after a year or so maximum. We already have bitcoin story up there, we know what will happen.

If EU bans it, some exchanges will appear in non-EU places. There will be always some safe heaven in the world. Just like tax heavens they use today for companies.

From my perspective, banning will be a free advertisement. If they ban it it'll attract even more attention, because it will confirm that they cannot track it, so only solution they could find is to ban it which is a laughable solution at this information age.

Monero is freedom and you will be using it when all cash money turns to digital money very soon (to be able to track your life and carbon generation amount). Monero will let you buy anything you want and they won't be able to do any shit about it.

Keep stacking…Keep using…

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