SBF’s cryptic tweet thread DECODED by crypto Twitter community. [repost of my deleted post from r/cryptocurrency]

So as we all know he had started a tweet thread with random letters posted randomly. Reading up unitl now as "WHAT" "H" "A" "P" "P" "E"…

Apparently there are deleted tweet bots that you can fool by posting a new tweet at exactly the same time you delete one. that explains his thread.

deleting tweets and tweeting to offset his total tweets count

His trick is working but these are the last 2 that he deleted, was last week

And he has already lied about the same mentioning he dont know whata he typing and he is improvising.

what he's doing is simple: distracting us while he deletes incriminating tweets in a way he has discovered evades detection by exploiting a bug in the archiving services.

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