TXStreet, A Fun Visualizer

Some redditors here may not know about the TX Street website. Here's a link, specifically showing the XMR and BTC pairs:


(You can check out a handful of other cryptos by using the two drop-down menus at the top of the screen).

It's a nice site, as it has a few subtle comments about Monero that reinforce some of the great strengths, ie. privacy and fungibility.

If you click on the stats button in the bottom corner, there are a few good stats there. For instance, at the moment, the average block size is floating around approximately 0.026 to 0.031 MB. We know that the current block size limit is 0.60 MB, so we know that the number of transactions per second could increase by about twenty times before the block size needs to increase to accommodate traffic. We also remember that Monero has a dynamic block size, so it's easy for the block size to expand to accommodate more tx/sec.

We can also see other stats such as fees (less than $0.01/tx), size of the blockchain, mempool size, etc.

Have a good day!

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