Working for Monero project (Coding or Else)

A few weeks ago I created a post where I say that I want to be far from this future dystopian society, I'm looking right now where to live to avoid the masses but I also want to be free of any job that is related to my identity, in clear I fondamentally and truely believe In Monero and I want to earn my money that way. I'm ready to learn from scratch anything that would allow me such thing. In 5 or 6 years maybe I could maybe be part of Monero project and code ? What, where would you advise me to start. Should I learn C++ ? Does it look like the perfect tool that might help me to reach my goal from now to some years ? I actually works for a CEX (I will not name it) and I don't see myself doing this for long time, it's not ethical I feel it's not my destiny. So I want to learn something that will allow me to become a true ghost while also contributing to something more than great like XMR. You can't imagine how happy I am that this crypto exist, I value this community and the people within it so much, everyday I think about going to reddit and read the comments and the stories etc. It's like a drug, it's not even on the speculation aspect but more about the interesting topics, the conversations, the awakened minds that are speaking. I see this community like my new country, where I will be close to from anywhere in this world. Never ever I would accept to live in a China like society, it's my nature, my deep nature, since a child I refuse illogical rules that stop my freedom. I still remember climbing the portal of the school when 14 to see my grandma, I refuse literraly to be controlled and I think I can't change. Anyway, let me know your thought , I hope I didn't write too much and know that I love you whoever you are, if you are in Monero, I consider you somehow like a friend or even family, you are awaken.

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