Are certain YouTubers part of the FTX and BlockFi thing?

Hi guys,

For months several youtubers have been promoting FTX and BlockFi. It seems that one of them, with over 200,000 followers, has been more transparent and said that FTX paid him $50,000 a month. So how much did those who have 500,000 followers or more than 1 million earn?

They have gotten rich by promoting something to their followers that could have led them to bankruptcy. Nobody is responsible? Weren't they responsible for researching what they promote? Is this legit?

Can't those affected who followed the advice of these youtubers to invest with FTX and Blockfi sue them?

Should followers report to YouTube that they have been promoting those platforms?

Honest questions. I wonder if it is only the FTX employees who are responsible.

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