EU privacy coin ban will be a blow to all decentralized crypto unless we do something about it

As you all may know the eu is working on banning banks and crypto providers from interacting with privacy coins.

This is not only bad for privacy coins but also bad for crypto as a whole. Think about it. They are trying to make crypto centralized.

Crypto was meant to be decentralized and the only way we can achieve that in the long run is by having a private coin on a decentralized exchange.

If we do not act now then where will we draw the line? They will be comming for other cryptocurrencies such as etherium aswell.

Yes we will still be able to use Monero through decentralized exchanges after the EU implements this new law. They can never stop us from using privacy coins however their goal is to make us stop supporting privacy coins and make the price drop after they get removed from the centralized exchanges.

They are trying to scare us off.

So to make a long story short there are two ways this can go down.

Either we give in to their threats and stop buying / sell our privacy coins.

OR we can instead stick it to the EU and buy even more Monero. Imagine the look on their faces after seeing that their efforts to sabotage crypto are backfiring and instead making privacy coins more popular by giving us free advertisement.

I for one will not be bullied by the EU.

For those of you who are worried to see the price drop after buying Monero, (i know most people are only in crypto to make money) lets see how well this post does. If enough people support this message then surely this is a strong indicator that the price will only increase.

I encourage everyone to share the message in any way they can.

Together we stand. Divided we fall.

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