Logo Hackathon

Calling all artists and graphic designs within the Monero community.

Greetings, my fellow Monerians. I am here to announce that I will be hosting a logo-making contest. This logo will be for neroshop, a user-friendly, Amazon-styled distributed P2P marketplace that caters not only to darknet market users, but also those who believe in a privacy-preserving and uncensorable free market. The project is currently in development and not yet ready for production use. We are even far from the alpha and beta stages. I am looking for a logo design suited for a project such as this. Our current placeholder logo can be used as reference. Everyone is eligible to participate in this event so long as you own a monero address. You may submit a link to your artwork in the comments below.


The event will start from November 18 2022 12:00am EST and end on November 20 2022 12:00am EST. Results will be in by November 20 2022 12:00pm EST.


The artist's whose logo has the most votes by the deadline will be announced as the winner of the contest on November 20 2022 when the contest ends.

Prize reward:

The prize reward will be 0.5 XMR

Let the games begin!!!

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