Been buying Bitcoin since 2020, when to diversify to traditional assets?

I hope I'll get civil and decent advice here.

Ron Paul, a 2008 US presidential contender, who supports gold and abolishing the FED, piqued my interest in Bitcoin amid 2020's COVID lockdowns. Afterward, I found old videos of Mike Maloney, Andreas Antonopolous, Trace Mayer, Peter Valkenburgh, Erik Voorhees, and even Peter Schiff (to balance my perspective), and I was like, holy sh*t! I finally understand it now!

I paid off all of my debt towards the end of 2019 and I began investing in 2020. ETFs that track the global market was my initial investment, but since the major bull run in the market as a whole, I have continued to invest in bitcoin since the more I learn about it at the time, the more comfortable I feel with it.

I'm 28 and currently have 70% of my $14k investment portfolio in Bitcoin, excluding $20,000 in cash for a one-year emergency fund. Just curious if it makes sense to invest heavily in Bitcoin until the next halving or even a bull market, and then start diversifying into conventional assets that have historically performed well, such as index funds or real estate, or should I diversify now?

I think this is the only sub I can share with since I'll be downvoted to oblivion from other subs such r/personalfinance r/investing r/financialindependence

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