FTX can collapse. Celsius can collapse. Voyager can collapse. I am still stacking my Crypto & Bitcoin.

Personally it doesn't matter what is happening. The potential of Cryptocurrency and specially Bitcoin far outweighs all of the of the traditional Fiat Banking systems COMBINED. Why else do you think the Governments of the world are racing to put out CBDC's? it is because they know the inevitable.

When you take a Farmer from Venezuela who has one of the worst currencies on Earth with an inflation rate of 300%, and only with a mobile phone, connect him with another farmer in Lebanon who likewise lives in a Bankrupt nation… Literal magic happens when they transact in Bitcoin.

No more Government, no more middleman & certainly no more Bank. No more traveling and waiting in line to get your own money, no more openning hours and no more Inflation via the money printer.

Projects without good code, good leadership or gamble customer funds are 100% welcome to fail.

The difference between Cryptocurrency and the traditional monetary system is there are no bail outs.

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