LOST 8 BTC got my Lesson : Here is my story and advice for those who are interesting

Hello guys,

Hope everyone is doing great here and thank you for taking the time to read this. I just wanted to share my story for long time now and i think the time has come,

Some months ago i lost 8 BTC in leverage trading …. i was feeling the worst person on this planet and i had to come up with something to recover but correctly this time. I knew trading was something i really enjoyed doing but i had to learn as i was absolutely wrong with my results.

I managed and i can now say i recovered and not only that, i am in profit as well and feels good. I am not here to promote myself or to sound like i am the best trader or even a good trader. I just want to share my advise to all traders, investors , people who are in here and sometimes things goes wrong because of luck of knowledge, or greediness, or many other reasons…

Please people always remember 4 rules before even thinking about making profits and what number will this be :

1) Sustain what you have is the most difficult task in the long run

2) Make sure if all goes wrong you got money behind you to try again wiser and better

3) Never think of profits and numbers , think of what risk you take and if its worth it

4) Think if you lose that amount of money you are about to invest how long time you need to get it back according to the performance you were expecting from it.

5) Btc is the most wonderful asset ! ! !

I can assure you this will help you improve all,

I would be very happy to read others experiences as well if you wish,

Edit : Stay away from leverage unless if use combine with spo trade

Take care !

With much love from someone who had to lose to learn : )

'' through suffering learning comes …. ''

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