Node Hardware Build Recommendations

I'm thinking about buying some hardware to run a Monero node, and I'm looking for recommendations. This will be my first time attempting a project like this, so I want to make sure I know what to expect, and what I'll need before I get started.

Priorities are reliablity, affordablity, ease, and future-proofing.

I've heard great things about the PiNodeXMR project, so unless there's something better, I suspect that's what I'm looking at.

I see their site recommends the RockPro64 as the gold standard of single board hardware for running the system. Is the best place to buy the board, or is there another, cheaper place to buy? I know I'll need to get a power supply and microSD card for it. Do I also need to get an additional SSD drive?

Are there other needed accessories, like a heat sink and fan? I can probably get a friend to 3D print me an enclosure, but that's not strictly necessary to get it up and running, right?

Is there anything else I'm missing, or should consider? I'm open to all suggestions, advice, or tips.



Would it make more sense to just buy a ready-built RoninDojo Bokuto and install PiNodeXMR on it, or is that overkill? I was hoping this project overall would be less than $200, but if all the components add up to roughly the same cost, maybe that's the way to go.

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